Funding Needs

A Box Truck is needed for the Boulangerie Notre Dame in Haiti!

Sister Sissy Corr has created a bakery from scratch to help feed, employ and educate the citizens of Les Cayes, Haiti.

Since 2009, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur have been serving in La Savane, a deprived neighborhood in the city of Les Cayes, Haiti. As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, 80% of Haitians live under the poverty level. The local schools require tuition; therefore most families cannot afford any formal education for their children.

La Savane has no social safety-net, nor any basic government services, so the Sisters opened the Notre Dame Family Education Center to provide basic education, health services and job training skills to the Haitian people.

Along with the Notre Dame Mission Volunteers, the Sisters engaged the people of La Savane in a transformational process for more services to increase access to education, vocational training, and basic needs like clean water and food for their families.

The families asked for help in getting meaningful employment in La Savane. Parents sought to rise above the seemingly insurmountable obstacles and plead for work in order to feed their families and support education for their children.

In response, Sister Sissy Corr, the Mission Volunteers and Sister Jeannette Pierre-Louis, Director of the Education Center, worked closely with the local diocese and Catholic Relief Services to establish a small bakery enterprise. The bakery offers the residents of La Savane a chance to learn a trade, become familiar with important business skills, and provide income for the people to pay for schooling their children. To have food for families and financial resources for educating the children were the primary goals.

The bakery or “Boulangerie” has been up and running for some time now, and has been successful in providing employment, offering scholarships and bringing free bread to local schools where many children eat just one meal a day.

Sister Sissy Corr and the Boulangerie Notre Dame Team

However, like all endeavors, Sister Sissy and the bakery team have met some challenges. The largest of those challenges is the inflation of the price of flour. In the last eight months, the cost of a sack of flour has increased by $4.00 in Les Cayes. This has been very tough on business, as the bakery uses 15 sacks a day. That is $60 more per day than when the bakery started in September last year.

Despite producing and selling about 1,200 bags of bread per day, the bakery has not been able to break-even due to the inflation of flour and the high cost of other ingredients they must purchase in Les Cayes.  

There is a solution!

Sister Sissy and her team have been praying for the means to purchase a used box truck for the bakery. With a box truck at their disposal, they can drive to Port Au Prince and buy flour for $2.00 less per bag. That would be $30 per day, $150 per week or $600 a month in reduced production costs for the bakery!

In addition, the box truck is needed to help deliver bread more frequently to their team of 30 sellers, three stores, one market and other areas just beyond Les Cayes who are requesting their bread. In order to grow, they must meet these demands.

The cost of the box truck, including customs and a license is estimated to be $40,000.

Can you help?

By giving whatever you are able, you will be helping Sister Sissy in her mission of employing and educating as many families in Les Cayes as she can. You will be helping to answer Sister Sissy’s prayers!

If you are interested in making a donation to help fund the purchase of the box truck for the Boulangerie in Haiti, please click here to visit our donation page, mail your donation to the address below, or contact the Tri-Province Development office at 410-486-7285.