2016 Jubilarian

Top Row from Left 

Joan Kelly, SNDdeN -60 years

Josita Colbert, SNDdeN – 60 years

Ann Kendrick, SNDdeN – 50 years

Maureen White, SNDdeN – 50 years

Marcella Marie Missar, SNDdeN – 70 years

Bottom Row from Left 

Mimi Bodell, SNDdeN – 60 years

Marcella Jordan, SNDdeN – 60 years

Patricia Hanway, SNDdeN – 60 years

Paula Laschesnki, SNDdeN – 70 years

Agnes Rose McNally, SNDdeN – 70years

Mary Adele White, SNDdeN – 70years.

Not pictured: 

Dorothy Beach, SNDdeN – 70 years

Therese Leddy, SNDdeN – 60 years

Therese McMenamin, SNDdeN – 75 years


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Jubilee Celebration

Below is a slideshow of photos taken during the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Tri-Province Jubilee Celebration on September 17, 2011.

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Jubilee Celebration

On Saturday, September 17th, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur will celebrate the Jubilarians of the order.  The festive occassion of family and friends is held annually in September at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Baltimore.  The ceelbration beginning with a service of Mass and followed by a celebration of the Sisters and dinner.

Each Jubilarian has her own special feature in the most recent Fall Endeavor which will be in mailboxes the week of September 19th.

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