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Our Stories : Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Tri-Province Development Program

Our Stories

We celebrate the numerous accomplishments made by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in their surrounding communities. We also reflect on the positive influence these Sisters have had on many of those who have come to know them in classrooms or through alternative life settings.

Sr. Barbara Karl, SND

This year is my 12th serving our Unit (Base Communities) as Executive Secretary, providing a central office for the flow of information and communication as well as a save haven for the Unit’s archives.

My ministry is directly to the Sisters, contributing to our quality of our life together.  By providing this service I see myself as a partner in the ministries of our members, touching the lives of children and adults in varied learning situations and empowering them as they increase their skills and confidence.

So, my ministry starts in New England, awakens in New York, tiptoes through Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  It reaches west to Indiana, and south to Virginia, South Carolina and ends in Florida.

It keeps me busy!

Sr. Paula Leschenski, SND

At age 82 my present ministry is prayer, volunteer parish work, and work on the computer using photos to make cards etc. More recently I have been taking water color classes and am trying to develop skills in this area. It is a new and enjoyable challlenge.


Sr. Margorie Gallagher, SND

I’ll be going into my 12th year of teaching at JCS, a co-ed high school. For the past 5 years I have had five sections of all sophomores for Scripture.  My students are currently working on monologues of Gospel persons that they will put into pictures/symbols and record their own voices in PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Video taping or any current way of presenting individual work.  Some are even dressing up in costumes and inviting their friends and family to be a part of their presentations.

I try to have Christ be the PowerPoint in our lives!

Our school does a lot of outreach but what I am concentrating on wth my class during Lent is to ask the students to donate to the Big Laurel Learning Center in Kermit, WV  — where Sister Kathy O’Hagan works.  I try to maintain the SND connection with my students.